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Hamdard Wellness Centers offer an experiential high for patients and those seeking an 'alternative way of wellness' in a serene environment designed to soothe the senses. The centres feature a ‘Unani experience zone’ along with a herbarium showcasing plants of medicinal value, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.


the Holistic Unani

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These centres serve as informative hubs, showcasing the wonders of nature in their pristine form.
Hamdard is dedicated to providing both Quality Unani Medicines and access to Expert Unani Physicians at the consumer’s convenience through these centers. Additionally, Hamdard Wellness Centers offer healthcare and disease management services.

Our primary goal is to address the unmet medical needs of millions of patients. We aim to extend our reach beyond the UNANI-loving community and broaden accessibility to the Unani system of medicines.
The services we provide at Hamdard Wellness are:
  • DigestionPiles Digestion & piles
  • WomenHealth Women and fertility
  • MenHealth Men's health
  • LifestyleDiseases Lifestyle diseases
  • Kidney Kidney & Urinary tract
  • SkinHair Skin & hair
  • Neuro Neurological issues
  • Respiratory Respiratory & general health

UNANI, the most ancient alternative form of medicine, embraces the belief in treating a patient 'inside out' by restoring the balance between organ systems, ultimately leading to a healthier life. Hamdard, since its inception, has upheld the principles of good health and natural wellness for all, with care and compassion, at an affordable price. A significant stride in this direction is 'Hamdard Wellness,' dedicated to providing selfless healthcare to enhance the quality of human life.

At Hamdard Wellness, disease management and wellness services are offered through the Unani system of medicine, prioritising the well-being of individuals without causing any side effects. Our aim is to provide an experiential high for those who choose our alternative path to well-being.
This achievement is made possible by our dedicated staff, trained to deliver prompt, effective, and holistic Unani treatment. We are committed to creating value for our patients, employees, partners, and society at large through this age-old and time-tested system that is gentle and therapeutic to the human body.

Hamdard Wellness represents Hamdard's venture into the herbal health centres industry, aiming to provide quality Unani treatment and healthcare to society at large. These centres are modern, state-of-the-art Unani clinics with a contemporary outlook, reaching out to the masses across different strata and geographies.


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