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Ancient science meets Modern
Unani Medicine
Unani medicine derives its goodness
from natural substances.

Unani Medicine

Unani physicians typically employ both single drugs and poly-pharmaceutical preparations in their practice. According to available sources, there are over 117,000 formulations within the Unani system that are currently in use.

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Hamdard Laboratories (India) was established by Late Hakeem Abdul Hameed Sahib. However, its activities are entirely secular and designed for the collective benefit of the nation. All its income is dedicated to achieving objectives that are solely focused on public charity, benefiting all individuals.

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+ years and
% profits
to charity
+ herbal
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a great legacy

The Indian capital city of Delhi has a rich history, and an integral part of that history involves a small Unani clinic. Established in 1906, this clinic represented a humble initiative with the goal of revitalising, invigorating, and advancing the ancient system of Unani medicine and therapeutics.

legacy legacy
legacy legacy
Herbal health centers
for Unani treatment

Good health and natural wellness for all, coupled with care and compassion at an affordable price, have been the guiding principles that Hamdard has embraced and practised since its inception. A significant stride in this direction is 'Hamdard Wellness,' dedicated to providing selfless healthcare aimed at enhancing the quality of human life.

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We create some of the most well-known brands globally, and these brands are utilized by billions of people daily. Use this page to explore the complete list of Hamdard's brands and access more detailed information

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